Retouch & CGI Chocolate Doughnut

  • Bomper studio were engaged by Hurricane Design to aid in the retouching of a new premium indulgent chocolate doughnut product. The brief was to increase the appetite appeal of the doughnuts without making them unrealistic or miss selling the product. The photography had lots of various elements that needed enhancement and with a shallow depth of field it was a challenge.

    We began by sketching the subtle changes required to enhance the photography giving art direction for the final shot for sign off. Once approved we created the CGI gloopy chocolate in Cinema 4D and retouched it on to the final shot. Adjusting the lighting to make the leading cut edge stand out, was achieved by swapping the key light to the top right to give more contrast. A floor shadow and inner shadow also grounded the doughnut. Colour and tonal values were adjusted and saturation increased to warm up the dough colours. Several hours of retouching were required by our exceptional Artworker on the 'sweaty' looking chocolate topping to smooth out the contours and add subtle highlights which contour and add depth. Maintaining the depth of field helped focus the leading edge and the oozing chocolate centre for the premium indulgent appetite appeal the client required.