Tritet - A Smart Sound System

  • Tritet is a 2.0 smart sound system concept design, that aims to bring the best sound experience without the intrusiveness of large amplifier stacks and big boxy speakers. Tetrahedral shape allows compactness and beauty that no other shape can provide. The simplicity and the complexity of the shape fits any modern home making sure making sure it is noticeable, but not distracting, adding charm, warmth and authenticity to any modern interior.
    Consisting of a perfect tandem of organics and synthetics, it creates a unique modern and retro vibe, which make the user feel truly inspired by technology and design.
  • The Tritet sound system consists of three main components: Master Speaker, Slave Speaker and a Remote. Because Tritet is a smart soundsystem, you can also connect your smart-device via Bluetooth and control it without the remote. 
  • The Remote communicates to the Master Speaker via Bluetooth connection, sending the signal to the main processing and amplification unit, which then filters and amplifies sound according to the users preference. The signal is then sent to the Slave Speaker by wire as well as used locally by the Slave Speaker.
  • Each speaker is made from recyclable plastic and wood. The body consist of 2 separate parts for easy access to the internal components for maintenance or repair. 
  • There are 1 Low Frequency speaker (bottom), 2 Mid Frequency speakers (sides that are pointing away from the user), 2 Mid-to-high Frequency speakers (front), and 1 Tweeter (front) in each of the units. The Master Speaker also contains a heatsink cooled amplification and processing unit. 
  • The interface of the remote could not be more intuitive. Just like picking and choosing your favourite vinyl records, you can flick through album covers using the wooden selection wheel. The idea is to create an authentic feeling that is created by a wood and grooves, making the selection process very unique and nostalgic. Rotate the selector to pick an album you prefer to listen, and press the wheel in to begin or stop the playback. Below the wooden wheel you can find the volume control wheel, which can be easily operated from both docked and handheld positions.
  • The dock is equiped with a proximity/motion sensor. When the remote is docked, just wave your hand in front of it to see the album that is currently playing on your speakers.
  • The design process started as an idea to use the shape of a tetrahedron as a base, and acommodate all the speakers in all of the sides. The initial idea was to have a the body suspended vertically by three legs that cross in the centre, but the issue of most of the speakers pointing down led to flipping and rotating the shape. Due to the change, the tetrahedron had to be lifted of the ground for the bottom speaker to be effective. 

    I decided to use a tetrahedron for this particular design, because I find the shape fascinating due to its visual simplicity, but geometrical complexity and overall beauty.
  • Solid CAD model of the Tritet, made using Autodesk Fusion 360
  • The internals of the Master Speaker (minus the main power supply and the output to the Slave Speaker)
  • The internals of the Master Speaker with the output to the Slave Speaker and a proprietary  power and output connector.
  • Notes:
    All rights to the album cover used in the renderings belong to "Ninja Tune" record label and Artist "Bonobo".
    Speaker driver models were downloaded from GrabCAD and adapted/modified specifically for this design. 

    The last four images were produced using Autodesk Fusion 360, as well as the intial model. Everything else was created using Blender.
  • Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed it.
    - @MPetrikas