G A M R Y - Egyptian Animation Movie

  • This is a Dream more than a Project, it's a dream coming true to me and to all Egyptians.

    It all began with a sketch just like every new creation. The idea was to create a really good story that would make a really good animation movie, not just the first Egyptian 3D animation, but a movie that might get awarded or even get an Oscar.

    I hope one day we really achieve this. Please, enjoy!

    "You may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one" John Lenon
  • Making Of Gamry

    Both the character "Gamry" and the locations are made out of different types of papers to create
    3D paper maquettes rather than 3D modeling. Then photographed using a Canon EOS 600D,
    with a proper light set up using tiny colord LED lights. Retouches made using Adobe Photoshop CS6.
  • It took me a while really to make the head look kinda rounded.
  • Tough challenge... simple solution!
    One of the challenges i faced while making the passage below, was how to make this passage look long enough, while it's really not!
    From one point of view using the right perspective and a little bit of distortion, i made it happen. See poster no.3.
  • Poster no.1

    Holding a lit matchstick, looking shocked and staring at the unknown.
  • Close-ups
  • Making
  • Poster no.2

    Standing at the main entrance of the castle.
  • Close-ups
  • Making
  • Poster no.3

    Walking into a passage full of famous stolen paintings hanging on the wall.
  • Close-ups
  • Making
  • (Tiny colored LED lights)
  • Poster no.4

    Gamry... who got sucked into Picaso's stolen painting, cutting through the wall to it's soul.
  • Close-ups
  • Making
  • Poster no.5

    The castle, most of it is under the ground while only a small part is visible to everyone.
    ( inspired from the "Schusev State Museum of Architecture" campaign "Discover the full story". )
  • Close-ups
  • Making
    Short Making Video
    ( Please pause the Soundtrack below, before playing the video above. )

  • I'm Mostafa Abdelmawla and this is my Graduation Project!
    I'm the creator of "Gamry" both character and story, paper designer and photographer.

    SPECIAL THANKS to the friends who helped me in this project, you are all part of it!

    If you are interested in supporting the project and making this dream come true.
    Please, contact me to know more about it

    mob. +2 01097114271

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    Thank you for your time :)