"a trio of cacti"

  • "a trio of cacti"
    This is a personal project of mine where I wanted to develop a number of skills. I wanted to push my modelling and mapping style further. I was pretty happy with "a little slice" but felt that my BodyPaint and
    UV mapping ablities let me down so this project focused heavily on mapping. I also felt my lighting in my
    "Windmill Lane" project was a little lack lustre. Everything was illuminated and there was no shadow. With
    these models I wanted to light them from pleasing angles. I wanted to try create a soft, delicate type lighting to accentuate the textures.
    I used CINEMA 4D to model and BodyPaint for laying the UV's. The maps were painted with a combination of
    Corel Painter and Photoshop. Finally I used VrayforC4D to render and Photoshop for post work.