"Esquoia" Cover Design

  • "Esquoia is a novel notebook. It employs the necessary tweaks to improve handwriting experience and catch-up with rapid advancements otherwise happening in the world of technology. Computers and technology have advanced super fast, getting smarter and smaller. E-readers have even changed the way we read! On the other hand, it seems like the handwriting experience remains one small but vital area that stopped improving since the invention of wood pulp paper a long time ago. With the Esquoia notebook, that's no longer the case!" - Esquoia.com
  • The idea was to create a shape that would invite and inspire the customer to draw, sketch and use the notebook. Personally, my inspiration comes from various shapes, light and shadow - all in harmony. I decided to take it literally and create a randomized triangulated shape and surround it by its own wireframe. By adding the wireframe I meant to symbolize the connection between neurons in a brain, which generates thoughts and ideas. Alternatively the wireframe could be interpreted as the connection between different ideas that creates a project. 

    White colour symbolises purity, clarity, lightness.  
  • A classic palette of pastel colours was chosen to surround the mentioned shape to make the notebooks more personal to the customer. 
  • The shape was created using Blender, and lit from three different sources.
    1. A harsh white spotlight to create sharp shadows and intense highlights on the shape itself.
    2. A soft octagonal light-plane below the shape to illuminate the background.
    3. A soft rectangular light-plane above the shape to even out the overall lighting and distribute the light throughout the shape.
  • This project is still live on Kickstarter. Check out Esquoia - the reusable Notebook by the Esquoia team.
  • Thank you.
    - @MPetrikas.