• TikiBot is a tiki-inspired version of my Sketchbot designer toy.  During my first visit to Maui last Fall, I was greatly inspired by the native tiki carvings we encountered.  A few sketches and I landed on a version that I wanted to explore in 3d.  I used my base mesh of the original Sketchbot toy and began modifying and adding to it in Maya, knowing that I was prepping the geometry for import to ZBrush, where I would undertake the bulk of the digital "carving".  After polypainting the textures inside ZBrush, it was a simple matter of exporting into the incredible Keyshot3d rendering software and expermenting with the final finish and render.
    The 12 subtools (comprised of: body, upper teeth, lower teeth, tongue, left arm, left hand, right arm, right hand, spear, grass skirt, left leg, right leg) were setup with a key system and hollowed out via ZBrush's Decimation Master and 3d Print Export plug-ins.  I then uploaded to Shapeways and output two different sizes for use as prototypes and display models at the 2014 3D Printer Expo show that was held in Burbank, CA.
    The final step for getting this statue into production will be to output the pieces via a higher resolution and these will be the masters to generate silicon molds from.  The current plan is to cast these in resin and hand-paint for final release hopefully in Q4 of 2014.
  • Final Keyshot 3d render.
  • Final sketch used for digital sculpting process.
  • Maya base mesh prepped for export to ZBrush.
  • Subtools decimated and exported from ZBrush.  Final .STL check in Maya before uploading files to Shapeways.
  • Don't forget to brand your product!  Stencil maps of logo embossed on the soles of the sandals in ZBrush.
  • Quick color study inside Keyshot for an alt version.
  • "I am TikiBot! Hear me roar!"  Keyshot 3d final render.
  • Alternative "porcelain ceramic" treatment render study in Keyshot 3d.
  • First test print from Shapeways!  5.5" tall.
  • 3d print back-lit to accentuate hollowed out interior.
  • Two sizes on display at the Pixologic booth during the 2014 3D Printer World EXPO held at the Burbank Marriott, Jan 31st-Feb 1st, 2014.