Who Wields Power

  • The following Piece shows two mirrored characters holding mask, this is a symbol of an opposing force holding power.
    The idea came to me through Bahrain's unrest period. Through that time most of the people preferred to follow and listen to the mass , certain figures and media rather than stepping back to observe. 
    Back then people, except for few, were not aware nor had the discipline to assess the situation and focus on positivity and common good. Among the mass it felt as there were certain people with power , among the mass there were those who were also wearing the mask.
  • Initial Illustration made with pencil and markers on an A4 Paper, the piece was then cleaned and cut to be pasted at a public space.
    I usually do my work on public space illegally to show work to the mass , without having restrictions or going through Corruption and Censorship delivering the message through this illustrative / arabesque style.
  • The following Piece has latter been Pasted around Adlyiah, lively area famous for cafes, art and resturants in Bahrain.