Croce Rossa Italiana | Attivamente

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    Our task was to create a communication that could link the young and the elderly.In fact, the Italian Red Cross has organized a number of events and activities destined to the population over 65.
    We created a new logotype for the brand "Attivamente" and iconic illustrations for each activity, some posters for general and specific events such as the marathon and the recipe book.
    Creative Director:  Enrico Caputo
    Graphic Designer / Illustrator:  Daniele Simonelli
  • Attivamente / Logo
  • Attivamente / character design - activities icons
  • Attivamente / brochure
  • Attivamente / Main Poster
  • Attivamente / Marathon Poster
  • Attivamente / Marathon / illustrations and map
  • Attivamente / The Recipes Book 
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