ELEMENT - Biofusion III

  • After a few months of hard work, I found some time to share some illustrations that are important to me. 
    I'm back on Behance with this creation that required a lot of attention and perseverance.
    Drawing with pen ink on a canvas is a living hell! 

    Regardless, this work speaks of the interconnection that exists between all being and non-being.
    The elements that make up life takes many forms and blend into each other.
    Nothing stays the same, everything changes. But we are all the life fruit of stars. 
    This drawing / painting was designed by combining the calculation and "let go". 
    The main structure was studied to develop a symbolic architecture. 
    All details have emerged instinctively and progressively. 

    Thank you to venture into this new story. I hope you will be projecting in his heart.
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