Pimp Matty's Ride

  • Pimp Matty's Ride
  • Over one weekend I smashed out this illustration for a competition run by Young Henrys, a ruddy brilliant brewery in Newtown. Mmmm, beer.
  • The prize—they’ll print the winning illustration on the side of their delivery truck. Mine got into the top three, and won! Which is rather brillo, as I love their brews. The brief was basically to illustrate what Young Henrys means to the community—first things I thought of were great beer and hipsters.
    The style I did it in is fairly different to my usual stuff. I wanted to see how my cartoon style would look with comic book outlines and rendering. Kinda ends up looking like McBess—behold Hipster-Beer-Man!
    Below is the process for the piece. I did a super rough sketch and then jumped straight into the final lines. This was mainly due to time constraints, but I’m going to try and do this more often. I often spend too much time on the sketch, faff around, and then rush the final pass.
    And here's a shot of the final product with Matty—who delivers all of the delicious beers around Sydney. They ended up flipping the artwork, so thank Christ I checked it didn't look munted flipped.
    And here's me standing in front of it like a twat with me growler.
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  • Role  Illustrator
    Client  Young Henrys
    Studio  Freelance
  • 2014