Leo ◉ A Digital Portrait

  • Final Imagery:
  • A shot integrated into a more interesting background for the dialogue piece we did.
  • Process:
  • Displacement and moving between programs like ZBrush and Maya were our first obstacles. We wanted to make sure we kept as much detail as possible in our textures and wrinkles.
  • Initial ZBrush work adding in the wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, ears and jaw.
  • Early tests for rigging, displacement, and SSS shading within Maya.
  • Mental Ray shading is definitely an art, not only due to it's antiquity but the also the depth of the parameters for sub surface shading. Here are some images showing the development in those areas, plus the textures coming in from Mari.
  • Further along lighting and shading tests. Trying to create a dynamic lighting setup that is both interesting and would show off everyone's abilities well.
  • Creators:
    Nicole Keane - sculpting, surfacing, lighting, rendering, compositing
    Kate Kirby O'Connell - modeler, rigging artist
    Amanda Renfroe - animator
  • The powerhouse team behind the creation of Leo - Myself, Kate Kirby O'Connell, and Amanda Renfroe.