Ylajali is an Oslo-based gourmet restaurant, newly awarded with a star in the Michelin Restaurant Guide. I came up with a new visual identity and web concept. The name Ylajali comes from a character in the norwegian author Knut Hamsun's book, called 'Sult'.
    Ylajali lived in the same building as today's restauraunt is located.
  • The webiste is an easy navigateble one-pager. It consists of large illustrative photos and information.
    The design is made in a modern manner to be a reflection of the cusine. 
  • The brand and the stationary compliments the purity and the clean lines drawn from both the websites and the restaurants ideals. Earth-tones are used, combined with gold, black and white to create and synbolize a serious yet greeting visual profile.
    Thank you for your time,
    feel free to comment and appreciate