Porsche App Design

  • Porsche App Design
    A concept project by Mick Theisen and Kilian Zelfo.
    Introduction We're car enthusiasts. We enjoy the design of an automobile and the joy of driving. We especially enjoy the consistent approach of Porsche. They have been following a coherent philosophy throughout the years and always made a clearly recognizable design. But we found the mobile app to be lacking. There isn't a representable app, that concentrates on the key aspects of Porsche. So we decided to try to deliver a clear and smart UI with intuitive handling. Our approach was based on the idea to only use 3 areas of interaction and a easy to read typography. We used a strict grid in all of the apps aspects and rigorous followed this principle
  • Start This screen simply consists of the legendary Porsche logo on a white background, emphasizing the minimalist design of the App.
  • Concept We want you to be able to use the entire app with only 3 basic motions so handling is as easy and intuitive as possible. The app is divided in different areas of interaction, each serving a distinct purpose. The main menu (1) is always at the bottom serves as a anchor for your eyes. You only need to use your thumb to access the 4 buttons in the menu. The area above the menu (2) is only operated by using a swipe gesture. The third area (3) is the reading area and since you will be scrolling most of the time you only use a pull down motion.
  • Select Category Visual Feedback
  • Select Car Model Swipe Bar
  • Select Image Open Gallery
  • Pull down Read text
  • Font We used the house typeface of Porsche, News Gothic.
  • Models You can see different specifications and versions of the chosen model.
  • News Overview of the most recent news in the Porsche company.
  • Company Is presented with the multiple aspects that are covered by Porsche.
  • Service Chose between different attendances of Porsche.
  • Legal Disclaimer This is a student project displaying ideas and concepts that do not portray the views of Porsche or any of its affiliates. It solely exists in a fictional context and we do not intend a copyright infringement.