• This is Not Art.
    It’s not deeply meaningful or vaguely philosophical.
    It’s not calculated or exact. 
    It is only a series of posters designed from classic paintings.
    A simple reinterpretation of how we saw them.
    Our tribute to art and design.
  • NOT The Conversion of St Paul
  • NOT The Valpinçon Bather
  • NOT Venus Bathing
  • NOT Saint Francis in Meditation
  • NOT Girl with a Pearl Earring
  • NOT Portrait of a Young Girl
  • NOT The Skater
  • NOT Doge Leonardo Loredan
  • NOT The Death of Marat
  • NOT The Birth of Venus 
  • NOT Whistler's Mother
  • Canvas prints are available on demand inside Amman.

    For a limited time only, prints are available on our Society6 shop for international orders.