• Slumber
  • The project started as a small exercise and idea against war poster (as small as one can feel about it) and ended a bigger (or big) project for myself focusing on different mediums and consuming a lot more. I felt that Pearl Jam's - Army Reserve was just so perfect to illustrated how I felt where war does not only harms the people directly involved, but everyone and everything else as well. This piece of art is not aimed at any nation or ethnicity.
    On the technical note was a chance for me to get into After Effects and take my work a a step further and just try new things, hope you will enjoy it. I've used ZBrush, C4D, After Effects and Photoshop. Make sure to check out the animated poster below.
  • How long must she stand
    Before the ground gives way
    To an endless fall
    She can feel this
    War on her face
    Stars on her pillow
    Folding in the darkness
    Begging for slumber
    She tells herself
    And everyone else
    Father is risking
    His life for our freedoms
    Pearl Jam  - Army Reserve
  • Animated Poster
  • Closeups
  • 3D Production
  • Animated case study
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