Atlas — Digital Art Series

    Digital Art Series

    In Greek Mythology, Atlas was the mighty Titan of Astronomy and Navigation, famously known for holding the celestial sphere on his back. Atlas once had dominion over the world, and it was he who forced Gaia and Ouranos, the earth and the sky, to be seperated forever. The following digital artwork series brings you various depictions of agony, ecstasy, misery, despair and tranquility through the different dominions of the Greek Titans - the Oceon, Sky, Earth and Spirit.

    According to Greek Mythology, the Greek Titan Gaea was the personification of the Earth. She was the Great Mother of all, having given birth to the Earth and the whole of the Universe. It was Gaea's union with Ouranos and Pontus that gave birth to all the other heavenly gods. Being the spiritual embodiment of the Earth, it is said that she is inseperable from her element. Greek mythology states that there existed an enormous river encircling the globe and representing all bodies of water. It was believed that Okeanos was the divine personification of this river and was responsible for regulating the rising and setting of celestial bodies from the realms of water at the end of the world. Ouranos, son of Gaea, was said to be the primal greek god of the sky. Ouranos was also the first ruler until he was castrated by Cronus, encouraged by Gaea, forcing him to withdraw from the world.
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