I was asked by Pepsii Co. to illustrate Messi for their new limited edition cans. This project took place about a year ago but I'm finally allowed to fully release it. The illustration I created wasn't used in the end as it was too detailed to be printed on cans and the deadline was too short to simplify the design. I'm still very happy with the result and the fact that a large company such as Pepsi had convindence in me and hired. Below you will find the complete illustration and parts of the process.
    The Brief:  The brief was very simple and short: 'Illustrate Messi in a happy way as if he's celebrating a goal'.
    One of the biggest compliments working on this was that the design was shown to Lionel Messi himself and he really liked it.
    Art Direction: David Parsons of the Pepsi Co. Design team
    Illustration: Mart Biemans
    Full illustration:
  • Details:
    Vector paths:
  • Vector drawing:
  • Early concepts:
  • The can:
    Like I mentioned before my illustration was unused and won't be seen in the shelves of your supermarkte, however I'm still happy with the result. Appreciate the project if you like it as well.
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