The Stables

  • Various window and shopfront illustrations for The Stables, both an Australian distributor of high-end fashion and a physical space which combines a retail space, cafe and modeling agency. 
  • A framed artwork is displayed at the front of the retail space.
    It measures 2010 x 1360mm.
  • Below is an unused concept:
  • An illustration is displayed on the cafe window.
    The vinyl decal measures 6560mm wide.
  • Below are unused concepts:
  • A window display for one of The Stables' distributed brands; Moscot.

    The illustration is printed on perspex, which is hung behind the display glass. Holes in the perspex allow for interchangeable eyewear to be put on display.
    The display measures 1170 by 1662mm, and is displayed in Paddington's Incu store (Sydney).
    Instagram: @aldousmassie