Shogunate Macabre - Album Artwork

  • These stuff are about artwork for an epic album “Shogunate Macabre" by a samurai metal band WHISPERED (often called "Kabuki Metal" in Japan) from Finland. The band made some Japanese samurai, yokai and mythology themed songs for this album. And I did the total artwork and layout based on requests from the band.
    About the front-cover : From the theme of the album; dark, samurai and yokai, I drew a yokai-samurai/shogun who has body created by many hitodama(human soul). And making the face of the shogun oni-like was a request from the band (it was a cool idea).

    About other pages : They're basically what the band requested.  For the songs themed on Kappa and Yukionna who are very famous yokai in Japan, I drew them of course. The ghost geisha artwork for the back-cover was also used for the front cover of a digital single "Jikininki".

    About CD-label : I drew the oni-like face of the yokai-shogun for the CD-label as a face-disk series from the Wanyudo one of the band's first album "Thousand Swords".
  • Album CD "Shogunate Macabre"
    [ Normal edition available worldwide here ]
    [ Japanese edition (2 bonus tracks) available worldwide here ]
  • I remade the album cover-artwork 5-color for this.
  • "Shogunate Macabre" Hoodie
    [ Available worldwide here ]
  • Lyric video "Lady of the Wind"
    This video isn't made by me, but used some of hued artwork I did.
    Whispered-Style GINGA: NAGAREBOSHI GIN
    For the cover of the anime "Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin
    (aka. Hopeanuoli / Silver Fang)" theme song "Nagareboshi Gin".
    The band's request was "Gin with W-helmet", so I did it with its enemy.
    And I customized the official Ginga logo look the official Whispered logo I designed.
    Whispered-Style FINAL FANTASY VII
    For the cover of FFVII fighting song "Let the Battles Begin!".
    The band's request was "Chocobo with W-helmet", so I did it.
    And I customized the meteor of the official FFVII logo look the oni face.
  • Here are kind posts about  'an ukiyoe-style illustration of Whispered's members'
    I drew in the winter of 2013 as a commemorative gift of the band's coming to Japan:
    Facebook post
    Twitter tweet
    ( And you can like & follow the unique band there ;) )
    Thank you for looking!
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