Masked: The Enemies of Gotham

  • This series is inspired by different Japanese masks (mostly from noh theater) and Batman Villains. I'm a fan of the rich culture of Japan, and I'm a big fan of the Batman mythos. So I mixed them both. It's kinda east meets west thing.

    This was displayed as part of the Open Submission in Bloom Arts Festival last November 15, 2013.

    NOTE: I'll probably get back to these later and create full masks and make the resemblance to the villains more clear, but I'll be posting the original illustrations for now. :)
  • きつね X キャットウーマン
    Kitsune X Catwoman
  • 歌舞伎 X つフェーズ
    Kabuki X Two-Face
  • 鬼 X ラス·アル·グル
    Oni X Ra's Al Ghul
  • 天狗 X ペンギン
    Tengu X Penguin
  • 般若 X ジョーカー
    Hannya X Joker