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    Excellent Gusto is a lifestyle magazine that allows its readers to read up on many different subjects ranging from fashion to food, business, and travel. The project was made by five IED Firenze students Nagla Gaafar, Stephanie Richa, Aditi Aurora, Nathalia Popova and Daniel Merlo, and directed by Stephanie Richa
    Each issue discusses topics relating to a select country thereby allowing the reader a chance to immerse themselves fully in said country and its cultures and everything it boasts. Several magazine covers were created to show how diverse the covers can be. It was quite enjoyable creating those covers by hand instead of having to simulate any of it thereby adding a fresher look overall.
    In terms of our art direction, we decided to take on the topic from an entirely different perspective than that of what's out there. We went with a polished, fresh, and current feel that allowed us to break up the elements and give each its respective space. 

    We also adapted the magazine to work in the online world as well, making it even more accessible to possible and existing readers. 
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