Here and Now

  • Here and Now
    Some illustrations I've happily done in 2013
  • My illustrations for MasterCard designs (Russian bank)
    Made for Promsvyazbank with Timur Zulkarnaev as an Art Director
  • Space Calendar 2014
    Made for with a kind Art Direction of Vladimir Dorokhin
  • Milk package illustration
    Made under Art Direction of Wellhead Agency for some milkbrand
  • Coffee Cups
    Some instagram photos people keep sending me from Moscow and Saint Petersburg with my cups.
    You can see more of them at my site or in instagram page with photos of me section.
  • Psychedelic Calendar
    Russian fairy tales remakes with commercial happy end. Additional sketch is here.
  • Famous russian cartoon for milk brand Prostokvashino
  • First sketch was in my style by misunderstanding.
    After some art directions I've realized it should be done maximum close to that cartoon style.
    Illustration made under Art Direction of Adwatch Isobar guys.
  • Made for really nice women collective of Ancor recrouting agency. Perhaps they were the most appreciating clients.
    After this simple job was done they even phone me saying they are really amazed
    and feel love looking at this illustrations.
    Thank you so much, girls!
  • Book Cover
    Parenting the QBQ Way Russian Edition by John and Karen Miller
    Made for Mann, Ivanov & Ferber publishing house | Art Director - Alexey Bogomolov
  • Made for my client Vladimir who already become my friend.
    His site Cinema House selling some cinema theatres and stuff for watching movies.
    This project is some sort of experiment for me since I'm not working in realistic style.
  • Two characters were made for Troika Metro adverts in Moscow with Bang! Bang! Studio
    and another one in center is just an avatar for private client.
  • Lumene Time Freeze Social Mom
    Illustration for special service connecting two social networks
    allowing daughters form Facebook to see and comment mom's posts form and vice versa.
    Made with for Lumene
    Creative - Ksenia Apresyan, Konstantin Kupriyanov | Art-director – Sergey Andronov | Producer - Viktor Kozlov
    Account manager - Marina Smirnova | SMM producer - Vladimir Kursov | Motion-designer - Maksim Malakhov
    Copywriter - Natalia Varguleva | Illustrator - Fil Dunsky
  • This is a tradition already. Russian bank Promsvyazbank is changing such a covers very often.
  • Smetana Wallets
  • Sushi Holidays