September // Artist's Almanac 2014

  • "Astral Equinox"
    Medium: Wacom Intuos 5 Pro in Adobe Illustrator.
  • I was honoured to be part of Essie Letterpress's annual 'Artist's Almanac' for 2014 along with 12 other
    excellent South African artists, illustrators and designers, including:
    Muti, Hanno van Zyl, Jason de Villiers, Alex Latimer, Bruce Macay, Hylton warburton, Nicolas Rix, 
    Lize Marie Dreyer, Nina Torr, Lauren Fowler, Fanakalo, and Andres Pallavicini.
  • My selected month was September, which I chose to portray through a combination of elements:
    Virgo is the centerpiece, being the star sign that drives the month. 

    Libra is the secondary star sign of September. I saw the opportunity to use it to show the balance between 
    night and day, because September is also the month of the Southward equinox. 

    The blooming flower that Virgo is standing in shows the coming of Spring, which is on the 1st  day of September in South Africa. 

    Furthermore, all the elements are arranged into a grandfather clock, showing the passing of time. 
  • Final Uncoloured Artwork.
  • Detail.
  • Detail.
  • Colour Choice.
  • Final Artwork. 
  • The full amanac can be seen here.
    (Cover by Muti)
  • Close Up Photos of the Letterpress Print. 
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