Bubble Yum Advertising Campaign

  • Vampires and​ Werewolves are mythological beings known in the early 18th century as frequent subjects of modern fiction of the fantasy or horror genre. They feed on blood and flesh and come out by night.
    A pop of humour is incorporated into this ad campaign as these creatures blow bubble gums to be trendy
    and 'cool'.
    Concept  and Layout : Azarikh Amran
    Illustration and Copywriting : Sarah Hanan

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  • Print Ad / Series
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  • Supportive Marketing Tools / Guerilla
  • The lightbox acts as a guerrilla ad as it is supposed to give an illusion as though there is a vampire inside it blowing a bubble.
  • The lighted display is a guerrilla ad displayed in a cinema, placed next to a movie lightbox. It is placed there so people think it is a movie that is being screened on that day.
  • The Point of Purchase Display displayed on the counter of a convenience store is based on the structure of a coffin as to coordinate with the print ad which involves vampire characters. 
  • During night time, the moon on the Spectacular Display will be lighted, giving a glowing effect to create that 'mystifying' mood.
  • The wallspace is placed in a bus terminal where people pass by daily.
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  • TV Commercial