Illustration 2013

  • Illustration  2013
    The year of  animation feature poster 
    All artworks are my personal painting, got inspiration from animation feature films from Pixar, Dreamwork, Disney, Blue Sky, Ghibli and the music from Theophany. There are 5 posters presented the scene from base  concept idea follow the name here - Ten , Hero, The Forks, Molgera and Merry Christmas.
  • TEN The celebration of the nature
  • If it can be a short animation, this scene present the concept  about Welcome Party for 10th newborn (a new member of the nature family) There were total 9 types of nature characters joined together in newborn party that combined their power for making the miraculous rainbow gift for the 10th member of the nature :
    1, Grandfather of the nature –The Sun.
    2, Alone in the dark – The Moon.
    3, Huge uncle ColdMountain and naughty grandchild Rocky.
    4, Chubby Cloud, who always comes with the wind.
    5, Flow Water Family.
    6, Little shiny Stars team.
    7, Happy auntie Snow.
    8, Gorgeous couple Plants with their children, sunflower boy and Rosy.
    9, Dry and slow Sand.
    10, The newborn “Adam” The lucky baby.
    They are the warmest family with the power of Ten.  ( This is my entry for the “CGChallenge XXVII - TEN)
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    HERO The strongest man alive
  • People called him!! The man who didn’t come to train your dragon…yes, he is HERO
    Definitely, what you think it inspired from Disney -Hercules-, All Pixar film and Dreamwork -How to train your dragon.
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  • The FORKAn expected journey
  • Nothing to explain more is just the journey of Mr.Fork
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    wind waker-HD
    From Theophany and Imagination of Victorior
  • It all about Fanart - Zelda - Molgera : Wind Waker HD
    Image did and inspiring from Theophany (soundtrack of Zelda : Wind Walker) 
    Video by Mike Grier (EmberLab Studio)
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    Merry Christmas
    Santa Claus is always in town
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2014 everyone!! Have a wonderful year and wish all the best to you!
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  • Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful year  
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