Between Realities [9]

    Between Realities
    Surrealistic photography
  • Once upon a time...
    This serie of photographs is about the frontier between dreams and reality.
    Most of the pictures are created with many photographs I have taken.Sometimes I've added something more, a detail, a bird, ... and sometimes I've deleted something, an element, ...
    With this, I wanted to draw more attention to the photo and provoke thought in people who are "caught".
  • Strange Day
    I was going around, after work, when I came accross a cloud of birds, they were like thousands flying over my head, impressive... I've just had the time to take few pictures and I continued my way. Few moments later, the sky turned in a beautiful autumn pink, perfect...
    This photo is about that "Strange Day"
  • Reflection of loneliness
    A photograph of a frozen lake at the sunset dealing with that hard and cold loneliness feeling.
    Hard as ice, cold as winter and soon dark as night.
  • Frozen
    This picture deals with frozen moments, you feel like out of nowhere, just walking through your nonesens life.
    It's a hard and cold feeling too
  • They Died for Freedom
    This picture deals with World War II and those who died for our freedom.
    I've used about 10 photographs that I've taken to create that atmosphere.
    (hands with 105 mm macro, landscape with 14-24mm)
  • The See Raven
    It's about feelings when you are alone in a beautiful place.
    Sometimes we just walk along the beach, breathe deeply, feeling alive and be happy.
    We suddenly aware of our precious existence.
  • I'm a Hero
    This picture tells about a little boy with his red cape who is growing in our big and insane World.
    He had to be really brave and strong to manage his own life.
  • Wreck
    This picture of a wreck on a beach tells a story about the past.
    Maybe you see something too...
  • Flying to a Better World
    This picture illustrate the need we all have to dream, to escape, sometimes, that world and this reality.
    Maybe just dream with open eyes ?