Cannes Lions Imagination Day

    Cannes Lions Imagination Day are the seminars for creative people that take place in Warsaw, Poland. This
    is the third edition of Imagination Day. Last year, the seminars and the show was attended by over 1000 people. From the beginning we had one purpose: inspire people to creative thinking, by stimulating their imagination, showing the best case studies, creating a space for the exchange of ideas and experiences. Regardless
    of whether you are on the side of the agency (creative, digital, media) or client. Regardless of the position.

    Idea & Agency: Ars Thanea
    Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski
    Art Director: Karol Kolodzinski, Mikolaj Piszczako, Michal Duszczyk
    Concept Art: Mikolaj Piszczako
    3D Modeler: Mikolaj Piszczako
    3D Artist: Artur Szymczak
    Digital Artist: Karol Kolodzinski, Mikolaj Piszczako
    Designer: Michal Duszczyk
    Web Developer: Michal Wlodarczyk
    Project Manager: Pawel Piotrzkowski, Sebastian Gil, Michal Duszczyk
    Logo Design & ID: Hopa Studio


    3D/CGI Key Visual

    Concept Art

    Logo Design & Identification