Goods of Spain map

  • Goods of Spain map
  • Goods of Spain is a full color illustrated poster realized in collaboration with Walk with me, a smart company that realizes and sells huge products!
    The idea was to represent the most important Spanish production, from cocaine to ensaimada. ;) A realistic representation of the country based on statistics and data that Walk with me collected to realize the project. 
    We decided to enrich the poster with further information such as a beautiful illustrated compass card, a seasons' footer and the sky structure over Spain. 
    You can buy one on walkwithme online shop
    Client: Walk with me · Madrid (Spain)
    Design and infographics: relajaelcoco · Madrid (Spain)
    Language: Spanglish!
    Size: 89x62cm
  • Title composition
  • Compass card
  • Secondary elements set: cities, people, sealife, trees and landscape.
  • Icon set sample
  • Some details
  • Label