Assorted Doodles

  • An assortment of sketches over the weekend to keep the fingers agile.
  • Started adding colors within Photoshop. I created a layer for the pencil sketch and place a color layer on top
    in the multiply mode so the images shows through. Listening to my favorite music on Spotify.
  • Adding more colors¬†to the images with assorted brushes using the brush palette in Photoshop. Creating these doodle sketches is a good way for me to warm-up each day before settling into the business of creating illustrations.
  • Selecting colors for each doodle is based on the the personality that I want the character to project. Sometimes my color selections work and sometimes the color selections doesn't work. Photoshop makes it easy to make such easy changes.
  • Well, the final doodles with all the colored images. This was a fun project for myself and I look forward to your comments.
  • Winter is not the most exciting season unless you are involved with sketching.