. a game concept

Created: 06/08/13
Last Edited: 09/29/13
. is a game design concept.

. is an email invitation only game. Meaning you only get invited by email, from someone probably close to you.

. has no website - fb page or anything similar.

There is no explanation. no score. no timer.no manual. no google*
you need to figure out what you have to do to progress, if there is anything to do at all.

You only have 1 try! if you die, the game is locked for you.
You then move on with your life and forget about this game...

really, move on,there isn't going to be a second email for you.

*the game’s name is . making it hard for you to search the
web for cheats.

I hope you enjoy it.
Don't forget to appreciate if you like it and please do leave a comment for improvements/suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

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